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Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Some people make you feel safe in this world ,

Not because they understand you deeply

But because they love you despite everything.

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Are you healed or do you оnly think you’re healed?

I told myself

from nothing

nothing could be taken away.

But can you love anyone yet?

When I feel safe, I can love.

But will you touch anyone?

I told myself

if I had nothing

the world couldn’t touch me.

In the bathtub, I examine my body.

We’re supposed to do that.

I was vigilant: when I touched myself

I didn’t feel anything.

Were you safe then?

I was never safe, even when I was most hidden.

Even when I was waiting.

So you couldn’t protect yourself?

The absolute

erodes; the boundary, the wall

around the self erodes.

If I was waiting I had been

invaded by time.

But do you think you’re free?

I think I recognize the patterns of my nature.

But do you think you’re free?

I had nothing

and I was still changed.

Like a costume, my numbness

was taken away. Then

hunger was added.

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Today in my heart

a vague trembling of stars

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Betrayal and forgiveness are best seen as something more akin to falling in love.

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


You seem already to belong to another world.

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Un regalo excelente

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


Cause all I want is just оnce to see you in the light

But you hide behind the color of the night

Beramode, блог «Faded Fantasy»


My heart is not captured easily. I am disinterested in small talk, disillusioned with love, and too focused оn my dreams and aspirations to lend anybody my attention for long. But if we make that connection, if you find your way into my heart, God, I will fall for you like gravity has let go of the earth.

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