Faded Fantasy3 читателя тэги

Автор: Beramode


To have been here, to have loved each other, to have wanted nothing as long as we lay together.


I was thirsty.

It was hot.

I kissed the boy

with soft-girl skin.

My thirst was quenched.


This evening, dear, your love,

your tenderness, is all I need.


- Are you coming back outside?

- I'm reading. So no.


I am afraid to touch you

I think you will cry out in pain


I think you'll be warm, like skin.


I kissed her, behind her clenched teeth I could hear her moan.


Someone I love оnce gave me

a box full of darkness.


It took years to understand

that this,too, was a gift.


I'm here. You can talk to me or not talk to me, but I'm here.


I think it's beautiful

the way you sparkle

when you talk about

the things you love.


You're the kind of soul anyone would be lucky to be with. And you don't even know it. The great оnes never do.

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