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I am the closest thing to God

будущее зеркало дневника с дайри. пока планируется перетащить все посты с артами/музыкой.


There For Tomorrow - Waiting


Slowly but surely I’m turning this around

But there is something that I haven’t found

Sooner or later you will be finding out

Sitting there waiting isn’t so safe and sound



There’s something that’s been calling me

I feel that I’m still incomplete

Without knowing what I expect

There’s no way that I can perfect


Left of Me

Gemini Syndrome - Left of Me


Nothing, nothing left of who I have been before

Broken pieces of me, remind of something more



The puzzles broken… Nothing left of me…


Why Can't You See

Rebuild, Release


Weight of the World

Citizen Soldier - Weight of the World


Feel the weight of the world

Over me, tonight

If I break, if I break down this time

Hope you know I tried


My mind's such a mess

I can't handle it

I'm at the end of my rope

I'm so sick of this

Just so over it

Why won't you let me let go



My neck is breaking, body shaking

Sometimes it's so hard to breathe

But no оne sees it follows me

I always end up underneath

The weight of the world


I don't like, like myself very much

Despite all your kind words

Can't explain why I'm hurting myself

But it feels deserved


These thoughts won't rest

I can't forgive

I overthink until I'm sick

I'm too damn tired

Too worn to fight

I don't feel strong enough

To leave оn the light



Wolves At The Gate - Slaves

I saw these chains locked оn my wrists
Around my neck no shackles missed
I'd tried to shake them off and flee
Nowhere to go without a key

Awoke my eyes drew the first breath
New to the world but not to death
This plan devised in secrecy
May take my life or set me free
No more to work this simple life
To toil оnly met with strife
The evening still and passed the sun
The night crept in my chance to run

I wait for dark!
No looking back I'm running
I'm running out of sight
I wait for dark!
No looking back I'm running
Running into the night
I wait for dark!
No looking back I'm running
I'm running out of sight
I wait for dark!
No looking back I'm running
Running into the night
I wait for dark!

My feet be quick for this racing heart
Come morning's light will the chasing start
With the fear of pursuit comes a fear of the flight
And if I stop they will shoot so I continue to hide
In the cover of the night

The morning bright all darkness gone
I see the distance fade
I take to flight my fears withdraw
My heart is now betrayed

Not a slave to man anymore!
Not a slave to...
Set me free
Set me free
Hammer these chains and
Set me free!

Break these chains
Break these chains
Unbind my hands and
Pardon me!

Ran all this way with the hope this pain would
Now release
Finally cease
What is this freedom if I haven't
Haven't peace
Haven't peace?

Serpent you lied and told me to run
I haven't found repose for I still am undone
This isn't life!
This can't be it!

I've run so far away yet
None of the pieces will fit
I couldn't see
I should have known

This peace abounds at my master's home
Now my heart be still or these feet will fall
All for the will of the master's call

The morning bright all darkness gone
And not afraid
Shown the true light against the dawn
My debt has now been paid
I was lost to save
For I'm the master's slave

No looking back I'm running
Running with all my might
No looking back I'm running
Running to the true light

I saw these chains fall to my feet
I stand amazed at this work complete
These chains not Yours, they were my own
"Now run no more My son, come home"

Back Where I Belong

Sum 41 - Back Where I Belong


Got my back against the wall

Tried to scream there's no sound at all

I'm stuck with nowhere to turn but I'm trying

Trying hard not to be the оne

Left behind to become undone

You can't stop what's already begun

Here in the down and out



I'm not giving up

I won't let go

Cause I am here till I'm gone

This time I've had enough

I'm оn my own

But I am back where I belong


A step closer but so far away

It seems like it's further everyday

The feelings never go away but I'm trying

At the end of a losing race

Time passes me without a trace

Trying hard just to find a place

Now that I'm оn to you


Memories, they hold a place

Just in time to go to waste

And they all become replaced

I'm Not Worth It

NEFFEX - I'm Not Worth It


And everybody knows that

I'm not perfect

And everybody knows that

I'm not worth it

I don't know why you hate me

I don't know why you hate me

Yeah, 'cause I'm not worth it



It's cold outside with the gray skies

See your dark eyes and my dark lies

Hate myself and the pain that I caused her again

No, I can't hide although I try

I don't know why but the night sky

It's so dark, too much space between the stars in my head


She's cold now like the chill in the winter

I'm empty like the hole from a splinter

We fold now like the photo of the time that we spent

We crossed paths but our minds never centered

I feel bad but I tell her "never better"

Don't know why, but I feel like time came and then went



Learn from the Night

Sent By Ravens - Learn from the Night


Tempting lies with bloodshot eyes

Is not who I wanted to be...

It's not who I wanted to be.

Buried deep in a song I keep

Are words that I needed to say,

But words never come out right


We believe our hearts are pleased where I don't feel good enough...

I don't feel good enough



We learn along the way (That life has meaning)

Inside we feel the same (Should we live for will to change)

All this time we know what's right,

And we can make it out alive

If we learn from the night


Say goodnight with hurt inside

I guess I had something to prove

But your heart would not move

Terrified of the fear we hide,

And words that we needed to say

But words never come out right


We hope at best

Our hearts will rest, well

That's not good enough

That's not good enough


I see now that you won't give up (You never)

Close your eyes 'cause we mean too much

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