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StoryADay September 2018

Week 1 Prompts
посмотретьDay 1 – A List Prompt from Windy Lynn Harris
Grocery lists, to-do lists, or goals lists written with the effect of showing a person’s life, their struggles, their failures, etc, are terrific pieces of flash. They test the reader’s inferential powers.
Provide a list of items from a luxurious bedroom, a garage, or a refrigerator.

Day 2 – Quick Story Formula
A _______ (adjective) ________(noun), who _________(verb) ___________(subject), then _________(related verb) __________(resolution).
e.g. “An ambitious mommy-blogger”, who “finds out her biggest rival has been lying оn her blog”, then “uses that knowledge to ruin her rival and make her own blog successful”.

Day 3 – Write A Drabble
Write a story in 100 words.
Day 4 – Tell A Story In 40 Minutes
Set a timer for 40 minutes, write a story.
Day 5 – Steal From Someone Else
Have some fun today: Steal something from a favorite published universe.
Day 6 – Steal From Yourself
Retell a story you’ve told before, in a new way.
Day 7 – Write A Tiny Story
This prompt is about exploring the “engine” of your main character. What drives them? Who are they when the stakes are high and their back is to the wall?
Pick оne of the following 4 scenarios and explore: how would they deal with this situation?
- Backed into a corner, your character tells a lie to protect him/her self.
- Your character has been plotting blood-chilling revenge оn someone. Now both are sitting down to dinner together.
- Your character goes to a psychic, who tells them something frightening that changes how they see their future.
- Your character is obsessed with something. They think they will do anything to obtain it. The person they love most in the world stands in their way.

Week 2 Prompts
посмотретьDay 08 – All About Conflict
Put your character in a mundane, everyday situation. Then introduce a strong element of conflict.
Day 09 – Character Desires Are Key
Establish, within the first couple of sentences, your character’s desire. Put them in a situation that conflicts with that desire. Tell us how it works out.
Day 10 – Make It Flash
Write a story in under 1000 words focusing оn creating оne billiant image in your reader’s mind.
Day 11 – You Shall Go To The Ball

Write a story in which your hero wants something, tries and fails to get it, and eventually has their life-changing moment at the end of the story.
Day 12 – You May Be A Swan

Use the Ugly Duckling story to write a balanced story with the life-changing moment in the middle.
Day 13 – Start With A Bang

Start with a life-changing moment and lead your characters through the story to show us who they become.
e.g. Hansel and Gretel starts off with a bang: two kids, alone in woods, abandoned! What are they doing to do?

Day 14 – Openings, Endings & MICE
Pick a dominant thread for your story today, based оn the MICE categories. Work towards the ending that fits the story type you chose.

Week 3 Prompts
посмотретьDay 15 – Write A List
Shopping List, 10 Things I Hate/Love About You, To Do List, List of books the character has/wants to read, with commentary (also movies), a list of deceased childhood pets, a list of your character’s fears, etc.
Day 16 – We Need To Talk
Write a story completely in dialogue.
Day 17 – Write A Sonnet
Write a story in 14 sentences.
Day 18 – It’s A Bit оne-Sided
Write a story today in which the reader оnly hears оne side of the conversation.
Day 19 – Direct To Camera
Write as if you’re writing to your best friend, or talking directly to a police officer, or relaying this to a room of strangers.
Day 20 – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down
Write a story in the form of a series of letters.
Day 21 – NewsFlash
Write a story as a news report.

Week 4 Prompts
посмотретьDay 22 – A Rude Awakening
Your character wakes up in a space they don’t recognize.
Day 23 – Pick A Detail
Choose a detail that оnly your character would notice in this story.
Think about your character’s past, so that you know what matters to your character, what background they came from. You might pick something with more emotional resonance: a smell, a song, a flower. Tell a story about your character that includes a detail that tells us something more about them.

Day 24 – Disappearing Act
Tell a story that features a disappearance. This could be an Intrigue/Idea story. At it heart it has a question, or a mystery or a big idea. It could be the disappearance of a person, a cultural phenomenon, or of the bees, or of Arctic Ice. Or it could be something more nebulous.
Day 25 – The Moral Dimension
Write a story about someone whose boss is doing something contrary to the main character’s morals.
Day 26 – The Sale
One character is trying to sell something to another character. This could be metaphorical: they are trying to sell them an idea.
Day 27 – Start At The End
Start a story that begins with the ending, then immediately jumps back in time.
Day 28 – Use These Words
ink, previously, work, breeze, seven, run, delicious, example, spontaneous, barb.

Final Two Days
посмотретьDay 29 – The Story You’ve Been Waiting To Write
Write the story that you’ve been hungering to write.
Day 30 – Change Your Point Of View
Take a story that you wrote earlier this month, and tell it from a different point of view.


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