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Aviators - Let There Be Fire (feat. Miracle of Sound) (Dark Souls Song)

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Aviators - No оne Will Save You (Bloodborne Song | Gothic Rock)

Текст песни
читать дальшеI hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
Something pulls at my infected soul
I think I remember you

I burned your world away
Devoured by my conviction
I left you home afraid
While mother's ventured out
Don't cry when lanterns fade
Soon we'll be awakened
But it breaks my heart to say
No оne will save you now

I could be your own avenging angel
But this dream is ending soon
Don't you scream when all the wolves come find you
Underneath this bleeding moon

Listen closely for your sister's footsteps
Lest you fade here all alone
I have never seen a night this haunting
In these streets of blood and bone
I can't hold the beast that crawls through my veins
Sacrificing my own eyes
No confessions left to purify me
Something's watching from the skies

I hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
I can't save you from the monsters coming
But we'll wake up very soon

Forgive me...

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музыкальный полдень

Многие наверное знают о таком исполнителе, как Miracle Of Sound. Он пишет песни об играх, фильмах и сериалах, и, надо сказать, Dark Souls и Bloodborne не стали исключением.

DARK SOULS SONG - Forever Flame by Miracle Of Sound

DARK SOULS SONG - Fires Far by Miracle Of Sound

Моя самая любимая о Соулсах

DARK SOULS SONG: Fires Fade by Miracle Of Sound ft Sharm

И песня, посвященная Bloodborne у него тоже есть

BLOODBORNE SONG - Paleblood Moon by Miracle Of Sound

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Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack (2015)



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Bloodborne - Suite


Live with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.


Bloodborne - Suite

Composer: Ryan Amon


Performed live by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Vocals: Sabina Zweiacker

Conductor: Charles Hazlewood

Orchestral Arrangement: Andreas Hedlund

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Dark Souls 3 Soundtrack

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